West Side Story

Few, if any American songs have had the impact that the music of ‘West Side Story‘ have had. They’ve been done
just about every way you can imagine. I’m going to post a few of the instrumental versions here along with some information
about the tunes, play and movie.


The ‘Prologue’ from the broadway play.


The opening scene from the movie.


My pics for the best versions of ‘West Side Story’.

Symphonic Dances from ‘West Side Story’


Cal Tjader and West Side Story

The Buddy Rich jazz band played a memorable version of ‘West Side Story.

West Side Story


Stan Kenton devoted an entire album to ‘West Side Story’. Here’s a selection from that album.
As usual, The Kenton version had to be longer, louder, higher, bigger and more of everything than any other versions.


This unique version is by an F Horn octet made up of horn players from the Berlin Philharmonic.


The Japan KumaMoto Industrial High School Marching Band has their own unique version of West Side Story.
I think you’ll find this performance amazing.


The Making of West Side Story – An interview with Leonard Bernstein