Donn Trenner

Donn Trenner – musician

Donn Trenner Interviews with Sylvia Mims and Pamela Kuhn.

Since I met Donn 11-12 years ago when he attended a rehearsal put on by a mutual
friend of ours, I’ve learned more and more about his vast storehouse of music knowledge.
That first day, he offered advice that immediately lifted the band that I was playing
with to a whole new level. In these two interviews, he’s entertaining while being informative
in offering stories that no one else could share.
The first interview was on 03-31-15 and the second on 04-07-15 as part of ‘Artists Space’ on WGCH

Listening to these interviews, I heard Donn mention that in the past, he’s written many songs, but
tends to just pack them away when he’s finished with the composition. Well, one day while visiting his
good friend Leo Adelman, he happened to play a tune he’d written and Leo liked it, so made a simple
recording that he later played for me. He and I decided that I should make an arrangement of it, which
I did. Later, Leo’s friend, Margo Jackson, widow of the late Chubby Jackson, wrote lyrics for the tune which gave
it it’s name, ‘In the Glow of You’. I want to share with you my version of this lovely composition.

Here’s Donn with the talented Shaynee Rainbolt with their version of this wonderful song.


An Interview with Donn Trenner


Here’s a video of the Charlie Barnet big band. Donn is playing piano. You’ll see him later in the video.


One of my favorite jazz bands is the Dave Pell Octet. Donn was one of the original members of this band, and here’s a sample from yotube of The Lady is a Tramp.