Clark Gault - Composer / Musician / Hockey Fan

This site is divided into four sections, 1. Home, 2. Business, 3. Personal 4. Contact.

‘Home’ leads to all the biographical information.
Business‘ has everything about my music writing, band and experience.
Things to Share‘, ‘Audio‘, and ‘Photos‘ all lead to the personal section of the site.
Contact‘, well it’s self-explainatory.


Welcome to my website. I’d like to share my history and interests with you and tell you a little about myself, my family and my career. I’ve reached a time in my life when I’d like to sit back and reflect a bit on the events, achievements and successes that I’ve had. I’ve put together this site so I can do that. I’d like to welcome you to join me by browsing here and there and hopefully you’ll enjoy the visit.

To learn a little about me, goto the short version.

To get the long, complete and possibly boring version go to biography.