Sea World Music


Sea World

Before Sea World was purchased by Budweiser and was locally owned in San Diego, I was hired to replace Les Baxter
as the musical composer for all their shows. I’m going to share some of the many compositions that I created for
the park. I recently discovered old master tapes (40 years old) with much of the music. They were in horrible shape but
we were able to get copies into the computer and I’ve recovered them to the best of my ability and want to present them here.
Back then, because animals don’t always follow commands instantly, the music was put on multi-track loop tapes with an intro,
a loop middle and a short ending that could be triggered by a button. the Water Fantasy was controlled by an analog computer
using a stack of IBM punch cards.
Track one was written for the ‘Water Fantasy Show’ and tracks 2-6 were written for the ‘Super Heros Water Ski
Show’ and tracks 7-17 were written for the ‘Dolphin Show’.