Rod Cradit Concert

Rod Cradit and Gary Lefebvre at Dizzy’s

Rod’s probably the best musician that I’ve ever met. He’s the main inspiration for my jazz improvisation even though he played
tenor sax and I play trombone. I’ve tried my entire life to get the smoothness of phrasing and the subtle jazz feeling that he seems
to find so easy and natural. This is the only video of Rod playing that I’m aware of. I have recordings of him playing, but seeing him
adds a whole extra dimension to the experience. I recently found this old video tape and had it converted to a computer file. It was in
terrible shape, but I think the music is so important and it’s worth sharing. I hope to find a better copy, but until then, this will have to do.
This concert took place on April 27th 2001. Rod, unfortunately passed away not long after this on October 19, 2001.
RIP Rod – 1929-2001

Rod Cradit – baritone sax
Gary Lefebvre – tenor sax
Randy Morser – guitar
Kevin Hennesy – bass
Tony Marillo – drums



Here’s more music of Rod Cradit and Gary Lefebvre.