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Where does the time come from?

We all know how important it is for musicians to be aware of the time. Maybe this will help.

Musicians clock

Coffee and Music
Coffee and Music



Protestors against trumpets arise!

ban assult instruments

Sail the seven seas

Sail the 7 seas

Depressed bass player

Depressed bass player

Music is science – science is music, just ask Einstein

Einstein E =

Sometimes you have to take a stand

Sometimes you have to take a stand

Places that People hear classical music
Places People hear classical music

This is soooo true

Tip of the musical iceberg

Be sure that your cell phone is turned off

If your phone rings

Guitar/singer introducing a song in a small nightclub

guitar player singer

An important musical instrument

Rap Keyboard

Pimp my music stand

Pimp my music stand

999 Megabytes

999 Megabytes

Trombones get no respect!

Never look the trombones - it only encourages them

The bassoons are too loud

Bassoons too loud

Beinging a trombone player

Beinging a trombone player

Who says that trombone players can’t get any jobs?

Most interesting man

At least someone cares

Wendys - trombones

Is this what used to be known as an ‘high flying’ trombone?




We’ll probably get sued by Apple for copyright infringement


This is information that I’ve been trying to find for years

Parts of a trombone

Calvery Trombone – Also known as “Opps! I backed over my trombone.
They could play this one while riding horseback on the way to a rescue.


Why Lincoln was assassinated

Why Lincoln was asassinated

Piccolo trombone


Trombone firing squad

Tbn firing squad

Trombone music

Trombone firing squad