Gary Lefebvre

Gary Lefebvre

Gary grew up in San Diego and at as a teenager, he was a member of a jazz quintet that produced four exceptional
professional jazz players, Gary (tenor sax), Dave Sleet (trumpet), Mike Wofford (piano) and Johnny Guerin (drums). the group
had various bass players over time. Gary went on to play in many jazz combos, playing with many great musicians. He also played
with the Stan Kenton band for a time. Later in his career, he lead a San Diego big band that specialized in playing Bill Holman
charts. I was honored to play in the band for a time.


Here’s Gary with his own big band playing ‘The Eyes of Love’.





This is the teenage band that included Gary playing at the Beacon Inn, north of San Diego.


And now, a few of the jazz groups that Gary played with at the height of his career.

‘Windows – Chick Corea composition,Gary Lefebvre-saxophone, Kei Akagi-Fender Rhodes, Leroy Vinnegar-Bass, Frank Butler-Drums



Afro Blue – Oct 29,1988, San Diego at Diego’s Loft. Gary Lefebvre-soprano sax, Kei Akagi-piano, Hank Dobbs-bass, Jim Plank-drums



Some Other Time – Gary Lefebvre-sax, Frank Butler-drums, Leroy Vinnegar-bass, Kei Akagi-piano. Recorded in 1982.


My Ship – Recorded at Diego’s Loft, San Diego. Oct. 29, 1988. Gary Lefebvre-soprano sax, Jim Plank-drums, Kei Akagi-piano, Hank Dobbs-bass.