Sea World Shows

Sea World ‘Water Fantasy’ and ‘Water Ski’ shows

Back when Sea World was locally owned, I was the staff composer for them. I had followed
Les Baxter in that capacity. I provided all the original music for the parks. I’ve discovered
two old videos of shows that I did the music for.


Sea World Water Fantasy Show

I wrote the music for the actual water shown, but not the intro and ending music for the ‘Water Fantasy’.
Due to the fact, that the room was totally dark, much of the beginning recorded very dark. It’s difficult to
record moving water, but you show get in idea of what the ‘Water Show’ was about.



Sea World Water Ski Show

I wrote all the music you’ll hear in the ‘Water Ski’ show. This show used the authentic ‘Marvel’ characters.
This was a reference video made so I could hear how my music worked for the show. The show was in Ohio and I was
living in San Diego at the time. Sea World was never able to get permission to use a small inlet of Mission Bay and
so the ‘Ski Show’ never was shown in San Diego even though the concept was developed orginally for San Diego.