Rod Cradit

Rod Cradit


Rod and his clarinet. Rod played many years with the ‘Mary Kay’ trio in Las Vegas, a job where he played only
the clarinet. After that, he was known for his mastery of the instrument.

Woodchoppers Ball

An old Woody Herman ‘chestnut’, Woodchopper’s Ball Features Rod’s awesome clarinet work as well
as some fantastic baritone playing.


Limehouse Blues is known as a very hard tune to play, partly because of the unusual key and partly
because of the chord structure.


Goodbye was used by Benny Goodman to end most of his gigs. It’s a gorgeous tune.


Rod and his Tenor Sax

Flyin’ Home – Rod played the classic of the swing era with the excellent ‘Bill Green’ band of San Diego.


Here’s Rod playing at some of my recording sessions. He had no advance knowledge of what he’d be asked to

Cosa Bosa was written for the Dolphin Show at Sea World. Rod does a spectacular job with this tune.


This tune was written as the theme for ‘Cat Woman’ for the ‘Water Ski Show’. It features Rod on alto.


Featuring Rod on Soprano Sax lead with two clarinets and a later clarinet solo,
this shows his versatility. I present the ‘Bank Robber’s Theme’.


Again, the soprano sax/two clarinet section, but this time recorded at half speed so it plays back up an
octave ala ‘the chipmunks’. This style emulates the bar scene in the first ‘Star Wars’ movie.


Sunday Sandals is a layback, retro, blusey style with some wonderful clarinet.