About me

This is the short version… the much more boring long version is below on the next page.

I was born May 14th, 1940 in San Diego and spent my childhood in a community called ‘Normal Heights’. I attended John Adams Elementary School, Woodrow Wilson Junior High School and Herbert Hoover High School. My family didn’t have much money, but my parents were kind and I never missed a meal. I lived with a half brother that I considered my brother, and still do. He was six years older than me so he and I had totally different friends. Unfortunately, he recently passed away.
While in high school, I joined the school band and somewhat later formed a rock band called the Nomads. We played schools and even had a steady
job once every two weeks. The band is still in existance and run by the original tenor sax player, Lew Fay.
After high school, I attended San Diego State College and a few years later received a BS in Music Composition. I met, and married Carol Wright. My income was mainly from playing piano or trombone on casual gigs. I had my own band called the Zodiacs and later joined a show band and even traveled up California for a while. In 1966, I realized that I was about to be drafted, so I auditioned for the Norad Band and after basic training I joined the band and was there for three years. While I was in the army, Carol and I got divorced.
After leaving the Army, I returned to San Diego and went back to playing. I played with John Auzin at the Mexican Village for quite some time, with Bill Green at the Coronado Hotel and later played for the San Diego Light Opera orchestra for twenty Years. Around the late 70’s I went to work for Tuesday Productions which lead to work with Roger Tallman Music and I wrote music for advertising (jingles) for both companies.
About this time, I met Debbie Kyle and we’re still together after more than 30 years. In 1994, we moved to Grand Junction for six years, back to San Diego until 2009 and back to Colorado where I’ve written music for the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra and others as well as for my own jazz band called ‘Swing City Express’. I also enjoy photography as a hobby and hockey as a spectator recreation.

My biography