Arranging / Orchestration / Composition

You can hire me to compose, arrange,orchestrate or copy music just by contacting me at:

(970) 549-1367


Music arrangements:

I will write music to your exact specifications, instrumental or vocal. I have extensive experience with all instrumentations including orchestras, concert bands, marching bands and most musical styles. I provide a score and parts generated on a computer in manuscript or ‘print engraved’ styles.

Some typical rates:

Big band 16-18 musicians, up to 100-150 measures – $200.00 (strings $50.00 extra)
Small big band 5-7 horns and rhythm, up to 100-150 measures – $100.00
Combos 4-6 musicians, up to 100-150 measures – $60.00
If I have to do vocal parts with lyrics written in there’s a $10.00 extra charge
Original compositions may run higher, depending on the circumstances.
Full symphonic arrangements, up to 100-150 measures – $200.00-300.00
String quartet, up to 100-150 measures – $100
Brass quintet, up to 100-150 measures – $100.
Original classical compositions often run higher, depending on the complexity.



I will transcribe original music into lead sheets (reasonable length music, up to approx. 4-5 minute recording) – $75.00
A Cd or mp3 of the song and a copy of written out lyrics are required and acceptance of this type work is subject to my approval.
Disclaimer: I only guarantee that my transcription will match the one recording that I’m given, to the nearest eighth note, not any other versions.
Big band and Small Big band transcriptions are often the same rate as arrangements. Very complex music might incur extra charges.


Music copying:

$2.50/page – single parts, single staff
$5.00/page – divisi parts, single staff
$7.00/page – choral parts – double staff (SATB etc) – lyrics extra
$7.00/page – piano parts
Big band charts, up to approx. 150 measures long, flat rate $80.00
Longer parts are prorated by length.
Copying of an original composition, normal length, with melody, chords and lyrics, $20.00
I require a copy of the lyrics written out to assure accuracy.
My work is 100% guaranteed. I allow seven days for customer proofing and
make all reasonable changes free of charge, then three additional days, for
proofing of any corrections.